How Long Do We Have?

How Long Do We Have?

How long do we have is about how much time each of us has left on this planet.  


how long do we haveRand Soellner’s wife Merry is a real estate broker.  She hangs her license at another major local brokerage, which is what most brokers do.  The owner (William McKee) of this powerhouse #1 brokerage in our entire area just died 2 days ago.  Boom.  His brokerage, with Merry as part of it, sold over $76M in real estate in 2014.  His best year ever.  He was driving his car and managed to stop, while he was having a massive coronary.  He was only 62 years old.  he was fit and trim and had a healthy diet and exercised all the time.  He was on his way to go bicycling with friends.  His time was just up.


This gives Merry and Rand pause to reflect on the things on their “Bucket List” that they’ve not accomplished yet. 












Things like that Venice cruise they’ve talked about for a decade.  And about their next (and probably last) custom house that Rand designs for them.  They’ve been putting off the next house, because (thank heavens) they are busy designing residences for their Clients, but they are now switching gears and putting that on the front burner.  Why?


Not only because William McKee, the most successful real estate broker in their local area just died, but because no one will probably ever find such an optimized Buyer’s Market for land again in our lifetimes.  These fluctuations are cyclical and take decades to play out.  Still reeling from the Big Bust of 2008-2010, there are an unusual amount of existing land parcels for sale at drastically reduced prices.   And not just in Rand & Merry’s “backyard.” 


HOME ARCHITECTS ® designs custom residences for Clients across America.  Their Clients are buying large tracts of land for much less than they would have during the Big Boom (which existed for about 5 years prior to the Big Bust).  Rand & Merry are looking at acreage right now, not just “lots” to which their modest budget would have confined them, had not the current Buyer’s Market resulted in such reduced prices for land these days.  2 to 10 acres with big mountain views, for the same price as a dinky 1/4 acre lot back in 2008.  This is real.  Do it now. Check it out with your local real estate broker.  Because: at some point, this existing backlog inventory will have been picked over and bought by all the value-seekers, and then prices will go up and you will have lost your opportunity, possibly, for the rest of your life.  Don’t let that happen.  Act now. 


What do you want to accomplish in the time that you have left?  Is having a custom home designed and built on that agenda?  Are you going to live long enough to enjoy it for any length of time? 












The sooner you get started, the more time you’ll have living in what you may love as the most cherished house of your lifetime.   That’s a huge item for your List.  After all, what have you worked for your entire life?  Yourself and your family?  What do you have to show for all that work?  Do you have your dream house where you want it to be?  Don’t you deserve it?  If not now, when?  Will you still be around to enjoy it if you wait much longer?  Things to think about.  Rand & Merry are actively looking for their dream acreage RIGHT NOW.  They will probably buy (and at a low, reduced price) sometime soon, then get started on designing their custom residence.  


How about you?  When are you going to get yours? 


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