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Log Cabins Price Ranges, Log Home Costs

log cabins
One of the log cabins designed by Rand Soellner Architect, under construction. (C)Copyright 2009 Rand Soellner, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

This information is probably of a sort that most marketing managers with log cabins would counsel me Not to include in anything like a website that is trying to convince people to consider using one’s services to design log cabins. Even so, we believe it is important to convey to clients the truth about what they are e-mail log cabinsconsidering doing. If you contact a typical log cabin company and ask them how much do their log cabins cost, they will probably tell you: between $35 to $60 per square foot. Doesn’t sound too bad, does it? What reputable log cabin companies should next tell you is what Home Architects should tell you: that is for a pile of big sticks dumped in your driveway, not for fully assembled and completed log cabins. It doesn’t include assembly, doesn’t include your foundations, sitework, sewer or water, doors & windows, roof, insulation, windows, interior partitions, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, data systems, appliances, finishes or coatings, cabinetry, flooring, doors, flashings, or anything else. The point is, when you think you are getting log cabins for the $/sf indicated above, you are probably delighted.  At some point, you will learn that is not the entire cost, or even most of it.  We design log cabins.  We specialize in this sort of thing.

log cabins
One of the log cabins designed by Rand Soellner home architects, interior load bearing log wall, under construction.

Log cabins cost

Here is a piece of information that some of the companies who fabricate log cabins may not want you to realize: having a log cabin home built costs More than conventional construction.  That’s right: more.  How much more?  That really depends on your location and the companies you are dealing with and your other circumstances. Personally, I think it can be about $60/gsf more, but this could be more or less depending on the amount of detail and other factors concerning any given specific project, and what the trade-offs are for not having to build conventional walls. The amount more or less could vary substantially. But if it is $60/gsf more (that would be per Gross Square Foot, not just heated sf) and your log cabin was 4,000 gsf, the log house aspects would add perhaps $240,000 to the cost of the project. Selecting to build log cabins is not like choosing one color of paint over another. There are significant costs associated with this decision. You should consult your contractor for what he is likely to charge you for the privilege of having a log structure and add this premium to your budget + another significant contingency amount.

We love designing log cabins.

Now then, we want you to know that we Love log cabins and really enjoy designing them, producing the log house plans, and we actually have understandings with several reputable companies for whom we will design cabins for their clients desiring our services.

log cabins
One of Rand Soellner's log cabins under construction.

Regarding the price for the log cabins: We are Not the ones charging you for the components and we are not the ones building it or even pricing it. Rand Soellner home architects design cabins.  We are an architectural design firm. We design. Your contractor is the one who will charge you to build your house/project. We try to pass along information to our clients so that they are better informed and can make intelligent choices. We hope your contractor will build your cabins for the total prices you want to pay. We will be happy to design cabins to suit your desires. These types of homes have a massiveness not equaled by many other types of construction and they have a warmth that is outstanding.

Is the premium for log cabins worth the cost to you?  It is to many people.

Should you decide that the premium for building true log cabins is likely to exceed what you wish to spend for the construction, we have methods to give you the appearance of a cabin home, post and beam home, hybrid or timber frame at a fraction of the cost of the real thing. Even more savings can be accomplished by focusing these elements in certain areas and using less expensive materials and systems in other areas not as visible. Please let us know if we may assist you with your cabin design.

Soellner is willing to create one of his cabins for you, wherever you project location is: Atlanta, Sevierville, Nashville, Woodbine, Pennsylvania, Sedona, Denver, Salt Lake City, Park City, Boulder, Canada, Las Vegas, Lake Mead, Lake Lure, Lake Norman, Lake Burton, Chicago, New York, Cashiers, Asheville, Charlotte, Lake Toxaway, Highlands, Macon, Franklin or Savannah.

Rand Soellner provides design services for your log home designs, no matter where your land may be situated.  You are special and so is your property and your log home architects will design your house to suit your special requirements.

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