Mountain Bird Residence Design

Mountain Bird is the latest project from the HOME ARCHITECTS.  This well-crafted house design is situated in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Tennessee.  The Client wanted a quality residential design but mid-sized.  He couldn’t find anything, anywhere that filled that requirement, so he came to this architectural firm to have it designed for him.


mountain bird












Mountain Bird design
Mountain Bird design: click on this image to see world-class 360* video around the project.























Mountain Bird
Click on the image above to the the video of this project. This is the preliminary of just the front.  (C) Copyright 2014, Home Architect, PLLC, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.



Mountain Bird is based on this architectural company’s “SunBird” series, with special customization to suit this Client’s Lifestyle & Land, what the Architect calls the all-important “2 L’s” .   Many people do not understand how a particular style or “look” of a house design can be applied to different floor plans.   But they can.  This firm can make just about any style work on just about any floor plan.  People who are not design professionals can’t imagine how this can happen, but it can and does. 














Even so, this Mountain Bird style has an exceptionally functional and logical floor plan arrangement.  Many people are looking to downsize in their retirement years, and so they want a smaller home, but not tiny, and they want to keep many of the things that they have now.  They just want it in a smaller house.  That’s where this Architect can make that happen for you with the Mountain Bird design: mid-sized, efficient, beautiful, high-quality.


 Most of this firm’s Clients begin with a simple email ( or phone call (828-269-9046).  Give the company a call and ask how your Mountain Bird project can start now.


This Mountain Bird type of house is ushering in a new era of residential architecture where higher quality in a mid-sized residence allows people to downsize from their huge house from somewhere else and right-size to what they really need in a more scenic location, while obtaining top-notch quality.  Sort of like trading in an aging Chevy Suburban for a new Lexus RX450.


If what you’re looking for is more efficient use of space, quality appliances, outstanding views, quality energy-saving insulation and glass, artistic architecture, quality roofing and mid-range pricing, then perhaps the Mountain Bird series house is for you.  The floor planning by the Architect is simple in plan view. 













That simplicity = savings in construction cost.  However, that planning simplicity still allows for outstanding visual richness due to the firm’s artistic creativity on your elevations, so that this type of house will be something that you can be proud of and that ought to fetch a good resale, in an improved economy, due to its curb appeal, functionality and perceived spaciousness. 







Let’s focus on that for a bit: perceived spaciousness.  This architectural firm is one of the best there is when it comes to Open Plan Space Planning.  Rand Soellner, their Senior Staff Architect, was a designer for one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s main apprentices (Nils Schweizer, FAIA).   And Mr. Wright did much to open up residential architecture by removing partitions where they were not necessary, opening up Kitchens, Dining and Living areas to create the Great Room concept, featured in most of this firm’s projects. 


And so, too, the Mountain Bird has a spacious Great Room, called the Hearth Room, because of the exposure of the fireplace.


And the Mountain Bird series has 8′ tall glass doors across the rear of the house, opening up huge views of your land, for pennies on the dollar, using standard double pane glass doors and upper clearstory windows.  Like these doors, this architectural firm has designed this series with building economy in mind: using modular construction dimensions to reduce cutting of framing, studs, and plywood, and using as many standard component sizes as possible.


This Value-Engineering makes the home a better value over all: more for less.  Every house should be designed this way: homeowners get more for their money.   The materials used in the Mountain Bird series are not expensive.  They are, for the most part, conventional, mid-range or even budget materials, but they are all durable.  The Architect has selected and specified durable materials that are affordable and put them together in a creative, artistic and functional manner.






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