MILLION DOLLAR HOUSES FOR $250k+: Residential Architect Discovers Secret

MILLION DOLLAR HOUSES FOR $250k+: Residential Architect Discovers Secret

Rand Soellner Architect devoted much of  last year to researching and developing of a new series of house designs, called their Forest Meadow series.  They worked with residential builders in several states in America to include dimensions and features that are economical and simpler to build, from the residential contractor’s point of view, but yield features desired by discerning house buyers.

Million Dollar Houses for $250k+ : Residential Architect Discovers Secret

million dollar houses for 250k
(C)Copyright 2011 Rand Soellner, All Rights Reserved Worldwide. 2 Story Forest Meadow series front elevation concept designed by Rand Soellner Architect

The exterior shell of Soellner’s new house series has less surface area (less roof, less wall, less foundation) than more complicated designs.  Some builders that Soellner has worked with have built his designs for much less than more conventional upscale houses.  And these new residential designs of Soellner’s deliver more usable square footage than many other designs, for a lot less cost to build.  So much so, that some real estate brokers have commented that the Soellner designs are delivering houses in the million dollar range, yet could be had for as little as the $250k to $400k range.

Features include:
– more square footage for less cost to build.
– larger windows, taller windows in main spaces
– larger kitchens
– larger kitchen islands
– wider kitchen aisles (up to 5′)
– larger appliances, taller kitchen cabinetry
– more fireplaces
– larger, nicer master bathrooms
– garden tub, larger showers, more granite vanity counter, double sinks
– toilet room with door

– large Pantry and Laundry with lots of storage
– larger Foyer, Powder Room
– larger coat closet
– huge Family Room with second kitchen area
– 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Bedrooms, if you wish

– a variety of additional bathrooms to serve additional bedrooms and adjacent spaces
– additional storage room(s)
– Outdoor Living room(s)
– Sleeping Porch(es)
– Front Porch
– Enhanced insulation features resulting in tighter construction.
– Optional Garage(s) attached, semi-attached or detached
and more.

million dollar houses for 250
(C)Copyright 2011 Rand Soellner, All Rights Reserved Worldwide. 1-story Forest Meadow (with walkout basement on rear).

It seems impossible, or an act of magic: how can you build a new, custom residence today, for less than the mansions of yesterday and with nicer features?  That is why you engage an architect.  They are educated, trained and experienced to give you a tremendous return on your investment.  Rand Soellner focuses searching on your needs and develops them with builders.

Better design: more value.  Builders build.  Architects design.  Hire an architect today to design your dream house for your family.

Give Rand Soellner Architect a call at 1 – 828- 269 – 9046 to discover how one of these new houses can be custom designed for your needs, your family and your land.