New Forest Meadow Series from Rand Soellner Architect

New Forest Meadow Series from Rand Soellner Architect

The Forest Meadow III Series is the latest new house design from Rand Soellner Architect.  This series is the result of multiple meetings and discussions with residential builders in several states, providing input on how to get the most bang for the least buck, over the last several years.

Soellner Forest Meadow House Designs Provide the Most Bang for the Buck

To arrive at this new Forest Meadow design series took years of intensive trial and error in both design and construction.  Research and Development are crucial to breaking new ground in house design, along with real world testing in the marketplace.

Soellner has found a way to simplify the house shell to arrive at the least area of external envelope (walls, foundations and roof) to Decrease construction costs, while maximizing interior space.  Sounds impossible: make the outside smaller, while increasing the interior.  The reality is: it comes down to Soellner’s efficient use of space inside his house designs.  He does not waste a square inch.

Soellner conferred with multiple residential contractors and learned from them, and they from him.  There are certain arrangements and dimensions that builders like to use to save money.  Soellner has purposely learned this from house builders, so that his designs can benefit from these real world techniques.  Soellner used to build houses as a carpenter’s assistant, when he was only 16 years old, so he learned many of these things from the ground up, but it is never to late to check with builders and see what is happening in the construction industry to learn the latest techniques.

Why: today’s house designs need to be responsive to today’s economy.  Soellner wants his clients to receive the benefits of his research in the form of more house for less dollars.  Is is all just about more square footage for the dollar?  Yes and no.  It is also about Better spacial design.

Let’s take a look at exactly what some of these improved features are:
– more windows
– larger windows
– more views
– bringing the outside in and the inside out
– open plan design
– flex space techniques
– larger refrigerators
– larger ovens and ranges
– multiple kitchen sinks and dishwashers
– more wood flooring
– nicer bathroom floor tiles
– more fireplaces
– bigger kitchen islands
-more space between kitchen counters
– larger entry Foyer with larger coat closet
– Powder Room
– large Pantry and Laundry room with lots of storage
– larger and more private configuration of master toilet room
– larger master walk-in-closet
– larger master shower (2 person size)
– larger master bathroom with more lavatory vanity counter
– larger area for large garden tub/whirlpool area with more windows
– wider doorways some with double doors.

Once again, it sounds impossible, to have all of these wonderful improved features in a smaller, less expensive house design, but we assure you, it is not.  We are designing several for clients right now.  They know the advantage of obtaining a Rand Soellner HOME ARCHITECTS TM design.

Can you see these new design floor plans online?  Absolutely not!  People would simply take them.  To see these, you need to make an appointment to visit Rand Soellner at his studio, where you can see all you want to your heart’s content.  Then, you will see for yourself, how you can have him design a new house for your family that will give you more square footage with more upgraded features for less money that you ever thought possible.

This is called: VALUE.

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