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Home Architects on Twitter

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Rand Soellner Home Architects on Twitter, discuss Home Architects and Green Home Architects GREENTIPS every day of the year.  Some entities have even linked to us as a daily feed for Green Home Architects GREENTIPS.  Lots of people have joined Twitter, the social media phenomenon that is sweeping the nation and the world.

What’s the big deal?  It actually sounds like a great way to waste your time.  How would we, as home architects on Twitter see any value at all in such a thing?  Log on, see what others are talking about and add your 2 cents worth from time to time.  As if anyone cares what you think?  Well, sometimes people do.  So be careful what you say.  Be polite and generous in your judgments of others.  Remember, the entire world is watching what you have to say!  And everything you say is out there for the entire world to see.  So try to think of intelligent things to say that add some positive bit of enlightenment for the rest of us. Home Architects are now part of it.

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Tweets on Twitter

You have only about 3 lines of text +/-, which is about 140 characters.  That’s it, buddy.  Your posts are called Updates and these are called “Tweets.”  Each tweet cannot exceed 140 letters, numbers, punctuation and spaces.  So you have to learn how to be brief and to the point–concise.

Twitter and Its Purpose: For Home Architects and Not

Do not try to use Twitter for spamming the world about stuff you want to sell.  Of course, we all want to market our goods and services.  Just give something interesting for people to read and link to, before you start slamming them with Buy My Stuff tweets.  No one will look at tweets like that anyway and you will likely get the boot from Twitter admin.  This is primarily created as a social networking tool.  And yes, that includes business to business and business to customers.  But do it with some class.  Create something of valuable interest in your tweets if you want to use it for business.  That is the reason people might look more closely at what you have to offer.  Kind of like when we are young (or not) and dating.  Have something interesting and attractive to offer before you try to get down to business.  Be nice.  Be informative.  Home Architects is trying, by providing links to nice project pages that have useful information about homes in which Twitter users are interested.

Twitter Follows and Retweets

Others will Follow you and that is a real complement.  When they do, you should either follow them, or at least RT them.  RT stands for “ReTweet,” which is when you rebroadcast their latest tweet, which gets them noticed more and also gives them a little backlink.  Backlinks are the currency of this Google Age and the better your backlinks and the higher Rank, the higher your own website ranks, so it is good to have people like your tweets and then RT you.  You cannot compel anyone to do this.  So you have to have something compelling in your tweets.  Something that impresses someone else so much that they will take the time to RT you.  So, be interesting, be nice, and dispense something of value to others every time you post a comment (Update is what that is called in Tweetology).

Green Home Architects on Twitter

Here is the link to another page on our website discussing this subject further, if you might be interested: green home architect.  Why do we do this?  Well, for one thing, we really believe in green architecture and in trying to make the world a better place.  The information we post on Twitter often has to do with Home Architects, green home architects, green home architecture, energy conservation, recycled materials for homes, home construction waste management, and the like.  We also have fun sharing information about timber frame architects and post and beam homes, and other aesthetic issues.  Only you can decide if you might want to create something unique for you on Twitter.  You might try experimenting and see if you think it is worthwhile for you.

Enjoy and have fun Tweeting!

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