Online House Design

Online House Design

You spend a lot of time looking for your next house design online, don’t you?  You may want to consider modifying your search for the design itself, and instead search for your house architect.  Why?  Because you probably will not find the perfect house design for you online.  The reason is that those previous designs were developed either for other people who have different lifestyles than you, or they were simply created as speculative houses by builders or developers.

House Design Online and Your Choices

So, if you are being frustrated in your search for an online house design, think about how complex a house really can be.  The AIA (American Institute of Architects) of which Rand Soellner AIA is a member, tells the world that the design of a residence can be one of the most detailed of all project types, rivaling or exceeding that of some medical facilities.

The reason?  There is a lot happening between those walls.  Multiple fireplaces with gas connections and different types of fuel (including the old standard, wood), a multitude of appliance sizes, options and finishes, sinks of all types, faucets, light fixtures, insulation, doors, windows, finishes (wood, tile, drywall, paint and many others) and so much more.  Like: orientation of the windows to the desired views, and less glass area toward the street and neighbors.  How your house responds to the path of the sun in the sky around it, structural ability of your residence to resist wind, earthquakes, snow and other environmental forces.

And how about the “greenness” of your house?  The energy efficiency of your HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning) equipment must be established, along with options for a healthier house (which can include the choices you make for the gypsum board (drywall) and other components of your house).  And we are not done, but at least now, you might start realizing just how complex a task it is to properly design a house customized to your specific wishes.

And how about you?  Aren’t you a unique person?  Are you exactly like anyone else on Earth?  Probably not.  That is another reason why you will likely not find an existing design anywhere that suits you perfectly.  You will need the custom attentions of a residential architect, a true licensed professional that has the education, training and experience to understand your desired lifestyle, land and hopes and dreams and put it all together into a design for your next house.

Rand Soellner, AIA is available to help you do this.  He is an architect and has a specialty in residential design.  1-828-269-9046.

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