Radon Testing in Specifications

Radon Testing in Specifications

Radon Testing is part of the HOME ARCHITECTS® specifications for their projects, to help their Clients discover whether or not radon gas is in their crawlspace or basement.


Why: this inexpensive radon testing could save the lives of their Clients.  This firm wants to help provide their Clients with healthy houses in which to live.  Which is one more reason for people to hire Architects to design their residences.


This vital radon testing information costs only about $125 and is easy to have done.  The fact that this is Not currently required for all houses in the entire world, and certainly the USA, doesn’t make sense.  The American Lung Association points out that 21,000 people in America die every year due to lung cancer caused by radon gas (mainly from their houses).


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radon testing
Radon should be tested in every house everywhere. Image courtesy of The Arizona Geological Survey, Arizona Government. Click on image above to see a related topic: Crawlspace Encapsulation.


Due to the fact that this architectural firm knows of no legal requirement to have this important radon testing done, they have relied on specifications created by the national professional association, ArCH: Architects Creating Homes, in their ArCHspec™ specifications system.  That makes it mandatory that the Contractor engage and pay a licensed radon testing company to test for radon gas in the crawlspace(s) and basement(s) of their projects.  And the company has an additional Owner Optional Upgrade that allows the owners to add a radon removal system if radon is detected.













Even new house construction can have this radon testing performed, at such time as the crawlspace(s) and basement(s) are enclosed adequately in the opinion of the radon testing company to yield proper radon readings.  Every house should be tested for radon.  So says the American Lung Association.  Most people have no idea such a debilitating and life-threatening illness may already be lurking in their house, killing them with every breath they take.  Very few people even know what radon is.  It is a colorless, odorless gas emitted by the underground radioactive material Radium (chemical element Rn with atomic number 86).  Radon is formed as one intermediate step in the typical radioactive decay through which thorium and uranium slowly decay to become lead.


Rand Soellner, Senior Staff Architect of the firm said: “My wife is a Real Estate Broker.  She advises all of her Clients to obtain a radon test when buying a house.  Of those, about 1/3 require radon mitigation through the addition of a radon removal system.  If we, as Licensed Architects designing homes for our Clients can make it a requirement for the Contractor who build our Client’s homes to have this simple and inexpensive test, we have probably saved the lives and improved the health of around 1/3 of our Clients, who may have otherwise met an early horrible illness or death.  That’s just one more reason why the public should engage licensed Architect who belong to ArCH, to design and specify their houses.  No other entity can remember all of these procedures, which are built into ArCHspec™, which is the specification system being used by many ArCH Architect members.  Architects designing houses have to understand what impacts Indoor Air Quality.  Removing radon is a major part of that.”











This company is one of the few companies in the world that provide a Healthy Building Specification (including radon testing) for all of their projects: so that their Clients will live longer, healthier lives in the houses that this firm designs for them.


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