Retirement House Design Specialist

Retirement House Design Specialist

Retirement House Design Specialist: is about how this architect specializes in designing residences for people nearing retirement or in retirement.

retirement house design specialist
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And who want to remain in their own private single family house, enjoying a quality lifestyle for the rest of their lives (aging in place). 












HOME ARCHITECTS ™ has developed a following of Clients who want the last, best house of their lives.  These are people who want the finest architectural counsel and design skills that will result in a house that fits their Lifestyle and Land (what the Architect calls the all-important “2 Ls”).

These people seek out this firm.  There is something in the website’s information-packed online articles, attractive designs, videos and design awards that speak to this specialized sector of people who want a superior place in which to live for the rest of their days.  It is hard to find this high-level of quality preparation, planning and design anywhere else.

You’ve worked hard all  your life.  You’ve sacrificed for your sons, daughters, other family members, and you’ve given the company you own or work for, the better part of your life.  Now, it’s your turn. 

This is the frame of mind of most of the people contacting this architectural company.

These people want low-maintenance houses.  This = more thoughtful details and specifications and use of materials to result in a residence that lasts longer, performs better in terms of energy efficiency and resists environmental degradation, while being visually a part of the land on which it sits.

These people want more attractive architecture: a house that is more than the sum of its parts.  A residence that is aesthetically married with the land and that elevates the spirits of its owners and occupants.















ArCHdes award winning firm
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What proof is there that this architectural company is a superior provider of design services? 

















They just won the ArCHdes™ 2017 & 2016 Residential Architectural Award for 5 projects of theirs  in Sevierville, Tennessee, Cashiers, NC, Highlands, NC, Lake Toxaway, NC and other locations.   And awards to a key staff member go back decades: an AIA Design Award of Excellence and a Florida Power Energy Efficiency Award for a very energy efficient house. 


And the type of clientele: senior executives of major international corporations, who don’t settle for second best.   Verizon, Bayer, Eaton, energy company executives, movie stars, high-rise Manhattan commodity brokers and more.  People of distinction who can have anyone they want designing their last & best house.  Does this mean that this firm only designs for these high-ranking individuals?  Not at all.  The company believes that everyone has a right to good design and has designed houses for retired school teachers, law officers, bartenders, bus drivers and others.  They are available to help whomever seeks them out.   They just seem to attract people of significant accomplishments.


But this company is here to serve its Clients as best it can, no matter who they are.   The firms wants to be regarded as a good value and provide top notch designs for everyone.


Why are they so good at designing houses for people of retirement age?  Well, the senior Architect of the firm is 65, so he believes there is inherently something in common with those people seeking out the company to design their last & best house.  Something in the fabric of the company that comes through in everything they do. 













Designs that are well-thought out and solid, award-winning residences that cost less to operate and that are far more durable and that get the basics right: big glass at big views.  Big kitchens that more than one person can comfortably move around inside. 


Arrangement of rooms and spaces that are logical and practical, such as their classic Pantry between the the Garage and Kitchen upon entering the house from the garage, so that you can drop off some of your groceries there, immediately upon entry.  And these are just a few examples. 


Contact this architectural firm if you, too, decide to have your last and best house designed and built on your special property.







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