Small Luxury Residence Designs – Cardinal Camp Cottages

Cardinal Camp Cottages mark a turning point in small luxury residence designs.

America has seen a shift in its economy: leaner, back to basics, away from gas guzzling behemoths to more compact transportation.  Simpler, but with luxuries.  And as the minds of the citizens of our great nation are molded by the realities of its economy for leaner transportation, so to is their desire for smaller houses.  But once again: with nice features and with enlightened open space planning that makes them feel larger than they really are.  And still be able to have as many bedrooms as they want, but in a more compact overall plan.  Smaller, more economical, but nicer and with a sense of spaciousness.  Sound impossible?  It’s not.  The Cardinal Camp Cottages have it all: small luxury residence designs.

The Cardinal Camp Cottage residence designs are coming: and luxury can come in a smaller package.

small luxury residence designs
(C)Copyright 2010 Rand Soellner, All Rights Reserved Worldwide. Camp Creek Cottages, 3 Story model depicted here. A loft level is in the attic over the Main Level and there is a walkout basement not visible from the entrance elevation.

Rand Soellner HOME ARCHITECTS TM has developed the first of these super-efficient high-quality cottage designs.  This webpage will soon be seeing the layouts and will also act as an index for the various models.  Please bear with us during this exciting time.  If you would like to place your order, please contact Rand Soellner at: 1-828-269-9046.  Thank you.

From a 1 Bedroom/1Bath 940 HSF (Heated Square Foot) 1-story cottage, all the way up to a 5 Bedroom/ 3Bath 2,534 HSF 3-level home with 2+ car attached garage, the Cardinal Camp Cottages can provide you with whatever you want and in between.

Featuring residence designs that are small, but that have luxury.  And that feel much larger.  How?  Due to the design expertise of Soellner, an award winning architect who has been creating houses of all sizes and types for over 4 decades.


small luxury residence designsSoon, we will have the list of models, square footages, lists of features and other information to help you choose yours.  You will likely never have seen such a list of upscale residential features in such modest footprints.  And most of the plans have internal views exceeding 34′ in some spaces, which you often don’t find in homes of twice that size.  Please stay tuned for updates, coming soon!

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