Walkway Project Day 1

Walkway Project Day 1

This is about a custom outdoor walkway project, starting on Day 1.

walkwayHere you can see the CAT 305.5E1 CR excavator trenching into the gravel of the service driveway 4″ deep.


walkwayThen, “fines” (rock dust sand) are spread 2″ thick+/- to create a cushy bed for the pavers to be installed on top of that.



walkwayThis is either dumped by the excavator from a pile delivered to the jobsite, or manually carried in a wheelbarrow by workers.


walkwayThese fine grains are then shoveled, raked and leveled smooth by workers, to make the surface ready for the pavers.


walkwayThen the pavers (in this case, precast concrete pavers from Lowes (about $1.49 each) are carefully laid down and tapped into place using a wood screen/leveling board and hammers.


walkwayBUT THIS KIND OF MAGICAL PATTERN DOESN’T JUST HAPPEN ON THE JOBSITE.  Oh no.  The Architect (HOME ARCHITECTS of Sapphire, NC) designed this and also was present, directing workers to result in this carefully curving professional layout. Architect added curves to create a more artistic path of travel, which also avoids trees, and navigates along the most gentle topography for the easiest path of travel.


And having pro hardscaping company like BH Graning (western NC) helps a great deal.  With workers like Eddie, Rojo and Stephen.  Hard working hardscape craftsmen that aren’t happy unless the results are outstanding, like this one.  And they’re not done yet.  Probably be several more days.  Will need to carefully install humus to lock the pavers into position all around and through the middle grid.  Then hydroseed grass.  The result will be like music: with pavers integrating with living materials like grass (for the living “mortar” between the pavers), which the owner will keep closely cropped to make it easy to walk over for guests.  This walkway will be continuing tomorrow, on up to the main driveway, about 11 feet of easy to walk rise from the patio to the front area of the house outside, so that guests arriving in vehicles can park and then walk around the house, if they prefer, leading directly to the fabulous new patio.  Another post tomorrow, updating this one.