We Walk Among the Clouds

We Walk Among the Clouds

We Walk Among the Clouds is about how this Architect views designing custom mountain homes.

we walk among the clouds
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The views from a mountain home are a sacred gift from God and are to be celebrated.  With large glass areas and proper siting to provide proper direct orientation toward those views.  Especially during fall.  In this particular location (the Architect’s own house), the clouds form over the Gulf of Mexico, then are pushed by the Earth’s wind and Coriolis effect, from the south and southwest toward the north and northeast, then after several hundred miles (around 1,000), the first big wall they slam into is/are the Blue Ridge Mountains, there, about a mile from this house (to the south), where the moisture in the clouds condenses and often open up, pouring 100 to 200 inches of water a year into the unique Alpine Rain Forest ecology.  And these mountains are about two-thirds of a mile up in the air, where the lower clouds run through the sky.  So the clouds often are at the level of the mountains and houses in this area.

And so, this house orients its major glass areas directly toward the BIG VIEW.  It’s like watching a blockbuster movie, only the projector is on all the time.  You don’t want to miss a minute of this incredible movie: “We Walk Among the Clouds.”


Therefore, this Architect’s company (HOME ARCHITECTS ®) does this for all their clients.  A sacred duty.  The above photo just shot by the Architect today: 9AM, 10-22-2020.