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Log Cabin Architect Rand Soellner & Appalachian Style Log Siding Invention



click on this logo fo direct e-mail to Rand“There wasn’t anything exactly like this in the market,” said Soellner, “I think it took a log cabin architect to create it.”  Rand Soellner home architects invented this special log siding out of Southern Yellow Pine that is pressure-treated, including the chinking. People are amazed it looks just like 100-year old one-foot square timbers at a fraction of the cost, with no structural penalty to the building and is installed over standard frame walls. This log siding is provided prefinished in a mission-brown semi-transparent stain and the chinking boards are pre-coated with medium-grey latex chinking with grit. This is not commercially available and must be custom ordered.  Log cabin architect Rand Soellner has local artizans make the material for each job.   Approx. $14 per sf, + your shipping (note: you provide the shipping), subject to change without notice. Make sure your order includes extra material for wastage, which on this wall was about 15 percent, which will vary depending on the complexity of your project. (Note: Minimum order: 1,000 square feet.)

Log Siding & MstB-FCL3, Log cabin architect, log sidingPoplar Bark Shingle Siding Pop-Out Mountain Window Designed by Log Cabin Architect

This photo of one of Rand Soellner’s projects in Cashiers NC illustrates how that log cabin architect utilizes natural materials like poplar bark shingles, log siding and timber frame bracing and bracketry to enhance mountain imagery.  A whirlpool tub is inside this feature, satisfying the bubblebath-Mozart-candles-whirlpool-mountain view dream of many of our clients.

Custom log home designs created by Rand Soellner are available to suit your special circumstance, wherever your acreage may be located.  That’s right, anywhere on Earth.  Rand Soellner = log home architects.


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