More Political Parties Make Sense

More Political Parties Make Sense

More Political Parties Make Sense, is the approach that Americans might want to consider to minimize the current hatred between Democrats and Republicans.

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Sociologists and Psychologists, if asked, would say that the current situation of a mainly 2-party political system is doomed to have them at each others throats.  Has to be.  Why?

In any kind of competitive effort, particularly a never-ending one, occurring over a period of hundreds of years, it is inevitable that each group of people will end up pointing out the faults of the other group.

Because each group engaged in the competition wants to win.

And in American politics, this is no small goal.  When one party wins, they are now in control of the most powerful nation in the World, with a multi-trillion dollar budget at their beck and call.  Politicians, who by nature are power-hungry, egomaniacs, want to be put in the position of controlling the country and its future and its taxing authority and its money and policies and laws.  These ego-freaks want to control the destiny of the Country and the World.  They want to be in a position of telling you and me what we have to do and how we have to behave.
Because they think they know WHAT IS RIGHT.

Do they, in fact know what is right?
Probably not.
But they believe this, with every fiber of their being.

So what happens when they have the same opposition party, constantly, year in, year out, decade in, decade out, century in, century out?

Of course: you demonize your opponent.


Because you want votes. And if you make the other person appear evil, you believe that perhaps more people will vote for you and your party, because you believe you stand for what is good and right in the Country, in the World and in God’s eyes.  This of course breeds a bunch of self-righteous hypocrites running our Country.  Has to.  No choice.  That’s how the game is played.

When Democrat Obama was in office, the Republicans did everything is their power to block his programs and decisions and to not give him a win.  So now that Republican Trump is the President, the Democrats have raised their game up several notches, by not only trying to not give him many wins, but also trying to throw him out of office, by means of a Russian collaboration hoax, with false testimony on the part of FBI and other prominent people, lying in an effort to throw out a sitting President and thereby attempt to stage a coup.  It almost worked.  But no matter, the Democrats are very busy, working on other avenues to demonize the current President, by embracing various minority hot buttons and literally bowing down and kneeling to those politically correct ideologies.  Things have become insane in American politics.  Is there nothing either party won’t stoop to in order to make their opponent appear to be “the bad guy?”

Don’t think so.  There will be no end to this craziness.

UNLESS: something happens to diffuse it all.
And what would that be?
What could possibly diffuse the venom and hatred of hundreds of years of competing with the devil that is the other political party?

Specifically: adding 3 more political parties to the existing main 2 parties.
And what would these parties be called?  It doesn’t really matter, but what they stand for does: For the sake of discussion, let’s call the 5 parties as follows:


PARTY 1 (LIBERAL PARTY (could also be called “Progressive”)
Representing people of the
Marxist/Socialist politicians like Bernie Sanders, and wannabe Ocasio-Cortez, where they can throw temper tantrums daily about their views, if they wish, among like-minded radicals.  No need for them to convince anyone in this new party of anything: they have already drunk the Kool-Aid.


Mainstream Liberals, non-radicalized.


Probably would become a very popular party, in the middle ground of everything.


Mainstream conservatives, non-radicalized.


Radical right-wing aggressive policies.  Other side of the coin from the Far Left Wing: these people already believe in the far right policies.  No need to lobby each other: they all agree with machine guns and many other right wing issues.


What would be the benefit to America of having these 5 parties (and EXPANSION) of the current 2 parties?

1.  There would probably be far less in-fighting within each of the 5 parties.
Why: because most of the people in each of the 5 parties would already have most of the people in that party in agreement with them on basic principles.  You wouldn’t have to convince the more moderate people in any particular party to become more radical.  The radicals would be in either the Far Left or Far Right parties already.  Problem solved.

2.  Moderates from either side of the aisle would likely settle into the new MODERATE party, so they wouldn’t constantly be attacked by their radical brothers and sisters to move either right or left.

3.  No more demonizing each other, with the possible exception of the Far Left and the Far Right hating each other with a passion.

4.  Convenient collecting pots for politicians of every belief.  Join the one that best suits your ideology.

5.  Cleaner separation of beliefs so that America’s voters know what they are getting when they vote for people of one of these 5 parties.  No more guessing as to if they are a moderate or radical.

6.  Probably a lot less hatred in America.  Harder to blame one political party for something that is probably much more complex.



The above link explores in detail the history of the USA and how we ended up with the main 2 political parties we presently have, and what the introduction of 3 more main political parties could do to help solve the present gridlock in Washington, D.C.

Please share the link of this article and the previous one to others.  Help this information to be spread throughout America.  THIS IS A SOLUTION.  People that only complain, shouldn’t be allowed to air their grievances without a rationale real-world answer to the problem.  This is that.  Share this post to help America evolve into a more logical situation.

Blessings on us all.