New Website Format for Mountain House Architecture

New Website Format for Mountain House Architecture

New Website Format for Mountain House Architecture is about the newly renovated HOME ARCHITECTS ® website.  It features new interactive choices that allow anyone interested in the design & construction of a mountain house project to obtain valuable information to improve that effort.

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The newly reformatted website features 5 new short pamphlets (1 page front & rear) about mountain house architecture that will provide reliable and useful knowledge about the design and construction of a mountain residence, whether it be a renovation or new design and construction.  


Each of these brief booklets can be read in about 5 minutes.  Useful and valuable information in the length of time it might normally take to go outside to your mailbox, then walk back into your house.  And this information is in the form of free downloads.


Why: because this Architect is a world-leading provider of not only award-winning mountain house designs, it also provides more educational information than any other Architectural firm on the planet to Homeowners, General Contractors, Architects, and the public at large on this specialized subject.  They are the go-to source of “how-to” when it comes to mountain residential projects, in terms of design considerations & technological know-how.  Which is why the NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) asked them to present an educational seminar to their country-wide General Contractor attendees at last year’s national convention in Asheville, North Carolina.  HOME ARCHITECTS ® agreed and made a successful presentation to a convention meeting room full of residential Contractors from all across the USA.  The subject was “Aging in Place: Accessible Friendly Residential Architecture.”  The firm takes their role as Architects seriously, but also understands that their lessons learned while designing and managing mountain residential projects should be shared with others interested in this subject, so that mountain residential architecture can continue to be improved, country-wide, if not globally. 

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Subject matter of the new website format pamphlets:

8 MISTAKES DESIGNING MOUNTAIN HOMES (and how to prevent them from happening to you and your new mountain house project)






All of the new information guides are copyrighted, however it is hoped for and accepted that links to the brochures occur, straight to the firm’s website homepage, where others may find and download each booklet to help them on their projects.


The firm also has multiple e-books available as free downloads on their Bookstore.  The addition of these shorter booklets brings the total to around a dozen or so.  The firm realized that while their e-books have been downloaded worldwide thousands of times, that some people might prefer also having the “Cliff’s Notes” version of quick tips to improve their mountain projects, requiring only a few minutes to read. 


The firm also introduced several new INTRODUCTORY SERVICES.  These are Low Cost No Commitment preliminary professional services that someone considering engaging the company can request, before starting the larger and more involved main project.  

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4 of these Intro Services are listed on the newly renovated homepage:





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Each of these Intro Services may be had for from $95 through $795+/-, subject to location of the meeting and extent of services.  The idea is to provide some introductory options to Clients for a minimal fee amount, to allow them to get their project going and achieve some preliminary understanding of the scope of what they are undertaking.  Such early analysis can be valuable to the future homeowner and to the Architect, in the preparation of the main project work, which is next in the logical progression of a project.

When website visitors click on each of the Intro Services, they are taken to a webpage that lists the various preliminary services, what each involves and how to make payment, although, it is preferred if new Clients first give the firm a phone call and/or email to discuss the scope of the Intro Services to be provided and confirm the price for the Intro Service(s).


The website formatting is also cleaner and simpler, focusing on what will likely be most important to website visitors who are interested in having a mountain residence project designed, managed and built for them.  The new format is less about “See my great designs” as it is about: “How can we help you get yours?”  Which is all about putting the Client at the center of the process, which this firm has been doing for decades, such as in their famous Client Centered Architectural Design Process e-book, used globally as the main method for designing and managing a residential project. 







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