Residential Architects & Custom Projects

Residential Architects & Custom Projects

residential architects

Designed by residential architect Rand Soellner. (C)Copyright 2004-2010 Rand Soellner, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

Rand Soellner Architect is one of a very few residential architects in the Lake Toxaway area.  He is a leading home architect category 1 (1 2006-2009 Google typical organic searches).  Many clients seek him out to program and design their homes in the mountains of the Blue Ridge Appalachians, the Rockies, and others are beginning to understand that they really don’t have to live in one of these rocky regions to be able to enlist Rand Soellner’s design abilities to create their own unique house plans, no matter where in the world that may be.  Some clients have sites beside peaceful lakes, others by a stream, and others on only an acre or two in a suburban subdivision, but they want special residential architects creating their home design.  Who better to provide that than the world’s leading mountain home architect?  Some people want a taste of the good mountain life right where they normally live wholesale jerseys and work.

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Residential Architects and Their History

residential architects

A portion of a design study by residential architect Rand Soellner. (C)Copyright 2005-2010 Rand Soellner, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

Residential Architects

Residential architects are a unique breed of home designer.  Rand Soellner’s family has a background in residential design and home construction dating back into the 1700’s in Bavaria, where several Sollner homes still proudly stand, after centuries (the “e” was added after the umlaut “o” at Ellis Island in 1869 when Rand’s great grandfather immigrated to America).  Soellner’s residential design and construction roots go deep.

The Difference Between Luxury Residential Architects and Home Designers

residential architects

Residential architect Rand Soellner has a client’s estate home under construction in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. (C)Copyright 2009 Rand Soellner, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

What is the difference between a residential architect and a home cheap mlb jerseys designer?  Well, for one thing, an architect is licensed by one or more states to practice his profession and he is held to higher standards.  He is a real architect.  He can chose to specialize as a residential architect.  Home designers are not licensed in any capacity and have no legal standards governing what they do.

An architect also has typically attended a major accredited university (Rand Soellner went to the University of Florida and had a 3.9 average through graduate school, where he obtained his Master of Arts in Architecture degree).  An architect (and those that choose to be a residential architect) also have to pass a grueling series of exams to prove to some very demanding practicing architects that they know how to design projects.

Rand Soellner passed his licensing exam in 1982 and has since expanded his licensure to several states.   An architect also goes through an extended apprenticeship program, usually lasting 10 years or so.  Furthermore, every year, a licensed architect (and residential architects) must take continuing education courses to refresh and expand their knowledge.  Mr. Soellner has actually served as an instructor in this capacity for the AIA in past years.  So, there is a big difference between residential architects and home designers.

Some residential architects continue to distinguish themselves, like Rand Soellner, AIA/NCARB, by becoming certified by NCARB (National Council of Registration Boards).  This normally takes about a decade of documented impeccable performance.  Mr. Soellner obtained this level in 1990.  He recently was also accepted to practice in Washington State, a seismic area, obtaining his license after being thoroughly reviewed cheap jerseys by Washington’s Department of Licensing.  He takes his firm’s role as residential architects seriously and joyfully, whether it be as a log cabin architect or castle home architects.

Residential Architects and Why They Enjoy Home Design

Why wholesale mlb jerseys does Rand Soellner’s company have such an interest as a luxury residential architect?  “It’s just something inside me,” said Soellner, “…like a spark 2009 that keeps glowing brighter, year after year.”  Residential architects are a special niche.  A commercial architect will Skateshops likely refer people seeking home designs to an well-known luxury residential architect like Rand Soellner.  Rand commented: “This is such a specialty and it takes decades to master it.  We actually have a client whose brother is a practicing commercial architect.  He referred his brother to me.  I would cheap nfl jerseys no sooner attempt to design a nuclear power sensore plant than they would attempt to design a residential home.”

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  • Ken and Barbara Jones

    12:13 pm - July 15, 2009

    We never understood that there is actually a difference between a residential designer and an architect! I am so glad to hear this. Having a “residential designer” create our new home would be like have a paralegal represent us in court! We want the real deal: an Architect. We contacted the American Institute of Architects and verified everything Rand Soellner said above: architects have to obtain a degree and go to a major university and go through internships, just like medical doctors. Architects are also licensed by the states in which they practice. We want this kind of expertise designing our new home. thanks so much –Ken and Barbara Jones, Miami, Florida

  • Bev & Gene A., Atlanta, GA

    2:56 pm - July 19, 2009

    We took a look at Rand Soellner Architect’s whole website; it took us a week, off and on! What a lot of interesting information. We particularly took note of the Economy section, the webpage about The Current Economy and Your Project. This makes perfect sense to us. For the last year, it has been like the whole World is holding its breath. Why? Waiting for what to happen or not happen? We are doing just fine, so what are we waiting for? Now is a unique time in history, when we all know that interest rates can’t get much lower…they are in the low single digits, what do want the banks to do? Pay you? Also, construction labor and materials is also low. What a great combination for those of us planning on having a new home designed and built. And land? You can buy that dream aceage for a great price these days. Sellers are motivated. So, thanks for the great advice, Rand. We definitely will be proceeding!
    ———-Bev and Gene A., Atlanta, GA

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