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Log Homes and their Design

This is an article about some of the best log homes and from a e-mail best log homes architectmagazine that routinely publishes what it considers to be the best log homes in the country and the world.  Rand Soellner was asked to participate by the publisher, as he really enjoys Soellner’s design work and considers his work to be among the best log homes in the USA.  Rand Soellner enjoys designing log homes and even has a special section on his website dedicated to cabin design, technology, history, coatings, costs, mansions,  systems, log siding and other topics of interest to people considering log homes.  It becomes a given if you want one of the best log homes that you need to engage on one of the best log residential design firms.  Soellner is a licensed architect who happens to design log projects.  Even so, Soellner finds that quite of few of his clients come to him after having wasted time and money on unqualified “designers” and draftsmen, thinking that they will get a cheap design for a great house.  That just doesn’t happen.  It takes a great deal of skill to design any house and even more experience and insight to properly design great log homes.

best log homes

Best log homes and the architects who design them.

When it comes to the best log homes, Rand Soellner Architect is one of the best log house designers in the United States and on the planet.  This world-class experience doesn’t come lightly.  He was the architect of record on about half of the buildings at Jurassic Park for Universal Studios in Orlando, which is where he obtained some of his heavy log and masonry expertise.  You really do not find many people in the world with that kind of background: high-end commercial experience with logs being applied to the best log homes in the country.

best log homes

best log homes

The best log homes require special knowledge to design them.

As the article indicates, the world’s best log homes require knowledge of many things on the part of the architect, for instance, space planning.  This has to do with furniture placement.  Soellner starts each of his designs with space planning of furniture.  “That is really the basis of the client’s lifestyle,” said Soellner, “How they want to live and where they want to sit, eat, sleep and walk about their dream house.”  To create the best designs for homes, Soellner finds that this is an essential first step.  Once that is done, he then develops the exterior and interior wall and partition layout for his homes, comfortably wrapping the client’s desired lifestyle with the log walls of their dream house.  After that is accomplished, then he creates the main exterior building elevation, receives client approval of that, then creates the remaining elevations.  Once that is approved, he then proceeds to make the remainder of the project drawings and specifications.  It is a process that Soellner says involves the client where they want to have and need to have the most input.

best log homes

best log homes

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