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Timber Frame Architects , Post and Beam Architect
ARCH/i (Architectural Research Center for Homes/international)
Current Home Economy & Your Project
Build Now: New Home Design & Construction
Financing New Homes : Appraisal versus Loan
Wealth Building Through Home Design & Construction
How Much Will My Home Cost?
Home Value Engineering Architects
Controlling Home Construction Costs
Why You Should Use a Home Architect
Residential Roofing
Post and Beam Homes
Windows and Doors : Research
Timber Frame Designs
Post and Beam Architect
House Designs – I Love My Job
Timber Frame
Dream Home Architects
Post and Beam : some history and ancient beginning.
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The Research & Economic section is about:

Timber and post and beam architecture: which showcases some projects by Rand Soellner Architect.  Many clients are inspired by viewing images like these and might request that Soellner include some of the “feel” of this type of system into their design.
ARCH/i: which is a research effort with multiple interests, focused on bringing the latest and best technologies and design techniques into Soellner’s practice for possible use on your project(s).  Environmental Psychology is part of the equation, which is a specialized course of study undertaken by Rand Soellner while an undergraduate and graduate student of Architecture at a major university.  Other topics of interest include the kitchen sink (yes, really), door and window relationships to perceived heights and distance of views, and many other thoughtful features for your new house.
Economy: the current status of the economy and how this could possibly affect your project and courses of action you may wish to consider, with you choosing the best option for what is best for your circumstances.
Building Now: and what this could mean for your project.  The future is always unknown, however, there are telltale signs happening today that can help you choose the best course for your project.
Financing: Appraised value versus your loan value and things you may want to consider regarding your involvement in this.  This proposes a more participatory approach to help you achieve the right balance between certain values to help you be in the position that works best for you.
Wealth Building: cautiously optimistic is the approach to consider here.  It is possible, and critical evaluations must be made to help you succeed.
How much will your house cost: the actual cost will be determined by the person you see in the mirror.  All other aspects are marketplace driven in terms of supply and demand.  A knowledgable Architect will know what materials and systems are more expensive than others and can help you choose the level of quality versus cost that works best for you.
Value Engineering: is a detailed review of how your architect can help you by analyzing comparative values of different systems.  Rand Soellner builds this into every project.
Controlling residential construction costs: deals with the methods Architects can use to help control the cost of the project.
Why you should use a residential Architect: enumerates the point by point rationale of why it pays to use an experienced house design professional.
Residential Roofing: reviews various roofing systems for the roofs on houses.
Post and Beam Houses: discusses aspects of this simplified form of timber frame.  An Architect like Soellner can help focus the use of systems like this to give you more bang for your buck in terms of visual interest.
Windows and Doors: reviews interesting features, options and Soellner’s viewpoint on these important elements of your house.
Timber Frame Designs: displays several examples of Soellner designs of this type.
Post and Beam Architect: reviews the post and beam structural system with examples by Soellner.
House Designs – I Love my Job: discusses why Rand Soellner enjoys his design work, and why this translates into a great design for you.
Timber Frame: discusses this age-old building system and how it might work for you.
Dream House : reviews aspects of blue-sky thinking to arrive at a wonderful residence for you.
Post and Beam: goes through the historic context of this simple and massive system and might just give you some insights into how this might work for you somewhere in part of your new project.

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